Restorative Bodywork & Preventative Medicine


As a women's health chiropractic physician I have dedicated my practice to studying the specific effects of our hyper-masculine culture on the feminine body, mind, and spirit. With this in mind, I have designed SHE Bodycare services to help relax long-held patterns, freeing the body of its deeply held restrictions, and restoring its ability to move with power and grace.

In addition to treating conditions typically associated with chiropractic such as back pain, headaches, and jaw dysfunction, physical medicine is also a non-invasive way to receive care for often ignored but very treatable pelvic floor conditions such as incontinence, chronic pelvic pain, prolapse, healing from pregnancy, and other women’s health issues, which is where Dr. Danielle has focused much of her study.

Using a unique blend of energy modalities I have learned from respected teachers, I practice subtle holistic embodiment, which is infused into all of my sessions with patients.



Holistic Pelvic Care

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Medicine Bowl

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