You deserve to feel amazing in your body.

Women’s bodies carry a tremendous amount of stress and tension as a common response to our modern culture. We are too often stuck in “fight, flight or freeze” mode. This tension can contribute to and co-exist with a variety of common general symptoms such as chronic pain throughout the body, lowered immune system, and stuck emotional states like anxiety, depression, and anger.

Tension within the body causes the muscles and nervous system to function less effectively, blocking blood and energy flow. Emotional energies can literally imprint as a posture in your body. In the pelvic region, stored tension often causes pain and irregularity with symptoms like PMS, incontinence, painful sex, low libido, cycle issues and mood swings.

Natural, hands-on techniques are tremendously helpful for all of the above listed symptoms—many of which can be treated without the use of drugs or surgery.

Restorative bodywork helps release stored tension, reconnect the mind and body, and restore natural energy. Preventative care considers the whole body as well as environmental factors rather than simply physical symptoms alone. Feminine embodiment work helps to shift deeply embedded patterns and reconnects you to natural cycles and inner wisdom, helping you to feel more grounded and empowered.

My unique practice offers a gentle, holistic approach to women’s health.
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Danielle is a healer not only on the physical level, but is aware of and attentive to the other aspects of our lives which can affect physical health. She does not just adjust you and send you home, but instead provides a safe space for processing other issues that may be related to the health problem at hand. ~ Astrological Counselor